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Estimates Unlimited specializes in wood frame construction projects. Our proprietary material take off program optimizes material usage in a completely CAD environment

We are able to utilize the architectural CAD drawings and develop our material layout directly to the plans dimensions. Our system can be customized to incorporate the customers’ unique material specifications as well as various market requirements. Our framing layouts are color coded to distinguish one type of framing member from another. Each framing member is individually labeled with its respective size and length. These highly detailed framing plans enable our customers to maximize the materials use, thus minimizing waste.

After creating the material layout in CAD, we can then report the material data directly to our itemized material data base. This data base can be customized to include the customers’ unique item numbers or cost codes. The ability to transfer the material data from CAD directly to the take off output greatly minimizes the chance for mathematical error and increases the accuracy of our take offs. The itemized material report breaks down the take off into its specific use and location. For example, material is categorized under stud material, plate material, header material, beam material, stair material and joist material. It is also designated by its location, basement, first floor, second floor or third floor. The individual itemized reports are then summarized into packages or the customers’ cost codes for pricing and delivery purposes. For example, the first floor studs, first floor plates, first floor headers and first floor sheathing may be grouped into the first frame package or cost code grouping.

Furthermore, the material take off data can be formatted to upload directly into the customers’ accounting or purchase order software. This seamless transfer of data, from our CAD layout directly into the customers system, is undoubtedly the most accurate way to manage material take off information.

In addition to lumber estimates, we offer a variety of material take offs including engineered wood products, Simpson/USP connectors, concrete, masonry, roofing, drywall, windows, doors and millwork.

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