Material Suppliers

The lumber and building material industry is an extremely competitive and volatile market, the continued pressure to keep prices competitive and profit margins high while still maintaining low overhead is an industry wide challenge. One of the ways a company can set itself apart from the competition is Estimates Unlimited.

Estimates Unlimited specializes in providing lumber yards and EWP distributors with highly detailed and accurate material take offs. We recognize the value and seriousness an accurate take off can mean to our customers. It can be the difference between making the sale and building a relationship with a client or losing a customer due to inaccuracies, miscommunication and cost over runs. Our services include taking an active role in making sure the correct material is estimated and ultimately the customer is satisfied.

We first do this by requiring a strict and detailed material specification survey to be filled out for each job. Secondly we require a complete set of architectural plans and a set of structural engineering plans if they are required. Ideally we would like to have copy of the architectural CAD drawing. We do all of our framing design and material layout in our proprietary software using AutoCAD®. We provide our customers with highly detailed color coded framing plans in which all of the framing members are individually sized and labeled.

Our system optimizes material use; therefore we can specify all material lengths thus helping our lumber yard customers rotate their inventories more evenly. We then report the material data directly out of the drawing and into the customers’ database utilizing the predetermined specifications. We also have the capability of including the customers’ unique POS numbers or sku #’s, this feature allows us to upload the material data directly into the customers order entry system and eliminate possible order entry errors. Our accuracy and framing plan documentation effectively communicates material use to the framer, thus minimizing hot shot orders and reducing overhead.

Estimates Unlimited also designs engineered wood placement plans and material lists. We develop load calculations utilizing the manufacturers sizing software and design the floor system to the customers’ specifications. Our years of EWP experience and the versatility of our system allows us to design using a variety of products. Our ability to provide our customers with the most accurate, detailed and economic lumber take offs and EWP designs truly sets us apart.

Estimating Services

Our detailed color coded framing plans and itemized material lists provide our lumber yard customers with a highly visual sales tool. The documentation that can be presented at the point of sale can truly set our supplier customers apart. Utilize your sales force and inside support personnel’s time more efficiently. Our services give your sales staff more time to pursue more leads and the ability to upload take off data eliminates order entry errors and helps maximize your inside staff’s time more wisely.

Much of our experience and background comes directly from the lumber and engineered wood products industries. We understand the challenges these businesses face and are committed to partnering with our customers to help make them operate at a more profitable level.

Our years of estimating and EWP design experience has allowed us to gain significant insight into the realities of the material supply industry. Our vision is to create a system and service which addresses many of the needs of our customers. We offer an estimating and EWP design outsource alternative, which gives our customers flexibility without compromising accuracy or quality.

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