Multi-Family & Commercial


As the age demographics of our population change, more and more demand has been put on building senior living communities. Real estate investors are developing townhome and multi-family living at an all time record pace. Infrastructure, such as limited service hotels, banks and restaurants continue to keep pace with the sprawling residential development. This type of demand can cause the ever volatile lumber market to change prices dramatically. Over the last few years we have seen international crisis (the war in Iraq) and catastrophic events (Hurricane Katrina) have an even greater effect on the price of building material.

When these type of events occur, what does the developer and general contractor do? They must deliver competitively priced projects while still maintaining a respectable bottom line. Part of the solution is Estimates Unlimited.

General contractors and developers have relied on Estimates Unlimited for years to provide timely, accurate and detailed material take offs. With little to no documentation, large projects such as a 600 unit apartment complex, material variance can be as high as 25%. These type of inaccuracies are troubling at best. Estimates Unlimited takes the guess work out by providing detailed color coded framing plans, itemized material breakdowns and complete project summaries.

Our team of estimators are skilled in recognizing various construction specifications and estimating the proper material for the application. Our product and services create accountability between the general contractor, sub-contractors and vendors, thus creating a higher degree of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our commitment to accuracy is paramount to establishing long term relationships with our customers. We want to partner with you on your next project so that you can realize significant savings and increase your profit margin.

Estimating Services

We specialize in providing detailed, precise and accurate material take offs for items such dimensional lumber, panel products, engineered wood, exterior trim, siding and Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors. We also estimate masonry material, drywall, roofing, windows, doors and millwork.

Our vast experience in the multi-family and light commercial industries has allowed us to estimate a variety of projects, from apartments, townhomes, condominiums, college dormitories, assisted living and active adult communities to hotels, banks, restaurants, office condos, churches and schools.

We take great pride in providing a professional estimating service in which our customers realize the value and quality of our work. We are committed to accuracy and our goal is to help make our customers more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

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