“Since I began using Estimates Unlimited, my sales have increased considerably. I am no longer stuck in the office doing take offs or taking home plans at night, but instead I’m out doing what I was hired to do and that’s sell lumber. Their color framing layouts tell the framer where the lumber goes and their accuracy cuts down on hot shots and credit pick-ups. The use of their services has increased my profit margin and I am now the second leading sales person in the company”.

Lumber Salesman


We have benefited greatly with the addition of your services. We feel as if Estimates Unlimited is a valued team member that we have come to rely on and look forward to a long career. We directly attribute a substantial drop in material variance to the accuracy and detail included in your work. We also have been pleased in the flexibility and willingness to change and adapt as our needs have changed.

Purchasing Manager

David Weekley Homes

“I’ve been using Estimates Unlimited for six years now. They’ve proven their ability to provide estimating services with accurate, dependable and consistent results. Estimating is detailed, tedious work, so effective communication is critical. I continue to be impressed with their ability to adapt to my ever-growing and changing project exception lists (special requirements). Having used different estimating services in the past, I was initially hesitant to have them account for these special requirements. I have found that by providing clearly communicated specifications, consistent project specific results are achievable. The fact that I can routinely count on their accuracy allows more time to focus my attention on the materials purchase side. I no longer have to rely on my vendors selling me what THEY think I need”.

“Their package-segregated frame material lists, along with cut-sheets and color-coded framing layouts have helped create a whole new accountability structure within our organization. By using these tools, framing subcontractors have the ability to know the intended use for every piece of material on the ground. My construction managers use the same tools for enforcement. The guesswork has been taken out, as everyone can now be held accountable for their part”.

“I highly recommend Estimates Unlimited, especially to building companies without an in-house estimating department. The use of their services has resulted in savings far beyond the costs”.

Texas Division Purchasing Manager

Toll Brothers, Inc.

“We’ve been working with Estimates Unlimited for six years. Their work and attention to detail is excellent, excellent and timely. Our annual savings have allowed us to focus at a per unit evaluation versus overhead in general. As the market changes, Estimates Unlimited seems to have a way of staying on top of it so we are in the best position to respond to our customers. They figure out a way to make it happen for us”.

Purchasing Manager

David Powers Homes

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