Custom Home Builders

Traditionally, custom homebuilders do not employ full time estimating staff, but typically depend on their subcontractors and vendors to provide them with their budget information. Because no two custom homes are ever alike, each one presents its own unique sets of challenges. Material suppliers rarely provide documentation supporting their quotes other then a material list with pricing. Since no documentation is provided subcontractors must decipher how to use what material they have on their own, this method of budgeting and purchasing typically leads to material shortages and cost over runs.

Estimates Unlimited was created specifically to provide builders with outsource material quantity estimating. Just as a builder subs-out their framing trades, for years now, builders have outsourced their estimating to Estimates Unlimited. Because we provide documentation which supports our material take offs, we communicate effectively to the builder and subcontractor how the material was intended to be used. Our material take offs also enable the builder the ability to shop for the most competitive supplier pricing on an apples for apples basis.

Years of industry estimating experience has allowed us to see just about every possible custom home framing condition. From groin vaults, barrel vaults, domes, elliptical arches, round walls, cathedral ceilings, stick built roofs, multiple plate heights, multiple roof pitches, curved stairways and custom cornice applications. We have the capability of recognizing and estimating the proper material accurately the first time. There are no hidden agendas or ulterior motives, we work for you and are committed to providing our customers with the most detailed and accurate material take offs. It is our desire to help make our customers more productive and more profitable through accuracy and efficiency.

Estimating Services

Custom homebuilders can no longer use square footage numbers as a way to ballpark budgets. Architecturally, custom homes have become more and more cut-up and require thoroughly detailed estimating. Estimates Unlimited delivers to its customers the most accurate material lists in the industry.

Having the ability to shop our material lists to multiple vendors, enables our customers to maximize their purchasing power.

Builders are no longer locked into one supplier and can now realize savings they could never have before. The confidence of having accurate take offs gives our customers the security they need when budgeting big, complex jobs.

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